Silas Mosbacher

Silas Mosbacher is Musical Director of Bristol Samba. He has studied percussion music from Brazil, Cuba and Africa. His initial contact with Brazilian music was playing the pandeiro and Berimbau in the Capoirea Angola roda and subsequent training was mainly with with Jon Hardeman in Bristol Samba. He has studied Orixa music from Brazil and Cuba and performed with different folkloric and percussion groups. After many years he has finally ventured into the world of melody and started playing the polyphonic Zimbabwean Mbira from the Shona people.

Evie Gkatzioufa

Evie Gkatzioufa is currently the Dance Director of Bristol Samba. She trained in Brazil in the styles of Samba, Samba-Reggae and Afro-Brazilian; She is certified by ILE AIYE, Salvador, Bahia, in Brazilian Dance and the University of Pennsylvania in World Music. Evie is passionate about her job and loves sharing her inspiration in her classes. She has body awareness and a community spirit. Evie has over 15 years of experience in Samba dances and she now choreographs and teaches for other dance groups and bands in the UK.


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