Summary of Bristol Samba's Data Protection Policy

Should you choose to become a member of Bristol Samba, we will keep your name and the email address with which you contact us in our relevant password-protected webmail address books (new members, dancers, bulletin, accounts etc). We may contact you directly with relevant information about upcoming events, due payments etc. We will also add your name and email address to our password-protected MailChimp account so you will receive our weekly general news bulletin and details of gigs etc. We will never pass your details on to any third party.

You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the 'unsubscribe' button found at the bottom of all bulletins. The Data Protection Officer will then inform relevant admins to remove your details from webmail address books. Alternatively you can email the Data Protection Officer at specifying from which lists you would like to be removed. Any member can obtain details of their data or alter that data at any time by emailing the Data Protection Officer at and we will process that request as soon as is practicable - usually within one week.

Photographs of members will be used to promote and celebrate the activities of Bristol Samba. These may be on the website, social media, flyers etc. Though members may have left the band the photographs could still be used unless the individual has opted out by emailing the Data Protection Officer at . Members can opt out of having their photos used at any time.

Gig organisers will collect telephone numbers from members who are performing prior to the event in order to be able to contact them easily on the day of the booking. These sign-up sheets will be stored securely by the Data Protection Officer after the event.

Contact details from enquirers who choose not to pursue membership of the band will be kept for one month and then deleted. Contact details will be kept for enquirers who were not able to join the next beginners' course for a further two years so that they may be contacted regarding future courses.
An individual's name and contact details will be collected when they make a booking for an event. This will be used to contact them about their booking. Contact details will be kept for two years and then deleted.

Registered Charity Number 1165208